Friday, February 10, 2012


Tonight in the car on the way home I decided that what I really needed to do was sew myself some shoes. Most of the free tutorials were baby shoes and those that weren't were, for the most part, just scaled up versions, and I want something that looks less like an overcomplicated sock and more like a shoe. I really dislike most of the flats you can buy at the moment, simply because they don't cover your toes, and that makes me really cross. So I had a look on etsy for some patterns - no doubt I'll change them anyway but it seamed easier to pay the six bucks than waste time measuring my shoes. 

I have gone with:
And hopefully tomorrow when I wake up (first day of holidays: squee!) they'll be in my inbox waiting for me to have a go.

Also while I was looking on ebay I found this pattern:

Which I don't need to buy since it's blindingly obvious. But what's also obvious (to me, anyway) is how awesome that would look if you gave it a green zip and surround and pink sides. Watermelon pouch!

I may need to buy some black sequins for seeds.

P.S. the potato and gravy offensive seems to have succeded so far in staving off the sore throat. What's more, today sucked in a Thursday way (ie, late night shopping really busy running behind staff are hating on one another war is imminent kinda way) as opposed to a Tuesday way.

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  1. Im not into peep toe shoes either . I hate them (unless they're actual thongs or sandals )

    I'll be watching with interest on the show making. I have a friend who did a whole course in shoe making. I love those first pair in the linen look. Gorgeous.

    Have fun on your holidays ...lucky you!