Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shoes cont.

Today I made 4 pairs of slipper shoes from four different made-by-me patterns, and athough two pairs are quite wearable, they're still a bit too slipper-ish for me to be happy with. I went into Spotlight and bought some vinyl for the soles which I'm liking a lot, as well as a few 20cm cuts to make my test versions with. I know it would seem more sensible to use old stash fabric, but I always worry when I use something from stash, especially on a single fabric project like these are, that I will need it's coordinatey brilliance later on, and my brain will be all "I know we have the perfect thing... what is it...?" and then I'll search for half an hour before remembering that I used it to try make some shoes that turned out not-quite right. And that would be terrible.

Better to just buy $10 of new fabrics, and save myself the angst.


  1. So were is the photo proof that you have really made shoes??????