Monday, February 13, 2012

Shoe proof and progress.

Tonight I did something I've never done before: I made something according to the pattern.

And, even though it worked, and the pieces fit together with an eerie precision, it still wasn't the result I was after. And so I was going to give up for the night when I had another look at one of last night's failures, which had a perfect toe but an incredibly muffed up heel (I was having a go at just using a straight piece)

And since I was using an old piece of lace to measure my curves because I couldn't find any string, I got to thinking how nice that toe would look in some old faded denim with just a piece of lace across it. And even though I don't have any old denim, I had a few pairs of old RM moleskins that I had removed the badges from, and thought maybe it would ne nice to have a go with them.

And it turned out lovely. I came up with a new heel curve after looking at the brown spottly ones, since it got kinda baggy on the pinkie toe side - I narrowed it and gave it a curve at the base, and it sits really well on the white shoe.

Only problem is it's about 2cm too long for me. That's why I've been constantly refering to it in the singular - The top of the second one has all been assembled but it's not attached to the heel, so I'm going to try to shorten it, and if that works, I can just make one more to match it.


  1. I think both pairs look awesomely cute. I take my hat off to you for even attempting this. That's one of the things I love about you - you're fearless!

  2. Agreed. You are fearless! I think it's awesome you're making shoes.