Tuesday, February 21, 2012


When I was little, Helen used to call me Sara Scissor Hands.

Tonight, I used scissors for about 3 straight hours, and HATED it.

I missed my rotary cutter. I tried mixing up the scissors, so they weren't constantly rubbing on the same places on the same fingers. I tried big scissors and little scissors and scissors somewhere in between.

I now have a flat pack* of 26 monsters ready to be faced. I think it gets a lot more interesting once you start giving them faces - that's when the personalities come out.

*These are fantastic for keeping all the little bits together and flat - they're an A4 case about 1.5cm thick that are meant for keeping paperwork in - usually found in the stationary aisle.


  1. Constant cutting with scissors is a PITA. I only do it when completely necessary. (I even cut bibs with my rotary cutter)

    Sounds like you're enjoying your holidays.

  2. getting ready for market? or are you selling monsters somewhere else?

  3. You have lost your scissor MOJO Sara, what a shame, you will always be Sara Scissor hands to me, those were the days when a rainbow a pair of scissors and a roll of sticky tape made you happier than winning first prize in the Lotto