Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maths. So much maths.

If it's hard knowing at what point a scrap is big enough to keep, it's even harder working out at what size a scrap is worth going to extra effort to make.

The quilt that I'm currently mathing out is for Meagan's unborn baby. Today I went to Spotlight and added 3 more solids to the pile, making a total of 15. Two blocks of each colour makes 30 blocks (a number I like because it's 5x6)

More to the point though, each of these blocks will generate a scrap piece measuring 3x7cm, but, if I cut the two blocks of each fabric at once, I can make a combined scrap of 6x7cm, and that seems like a useable size. But is it useable enough to have to warrant measuring out a 64cm long piece of fabric, and then cutting it into strips, when I only have a 57cm long cutting board and a 60cm ruler? At what price effort?

Well, actually at this price effort:

91x110 (aproximate number of square cm of fabric in a yard) = 10,010

6 (dollars, rough price of a yard of fabric) ÷ 10,010 = 0.0006 (dollars per square cm)

0.0006x6x7=0.0252 (price per scrap, each will be 6x7cm)

0.0252x15 (number of scraps) =0.378

Less than 40 cents? That's the value of the fabric I'm saving by going to all that extra cutting effort? I was wrong. That decision isn't hard at all. 

Want to have a go at working out the value of some of your scraps? I've forgotten how to use visual basic (sad face) but instacalc works fine too. Just change the numbers in rows 1, 3 and 4, and remember that number 3 needs to be in centimetres.

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  1. So, is it worth it to go through all that effort? All that math seemed like an awful lot of effort..