Thursday, February 9, 2012

Have any of you seen the latest episode of Castle? I was wondering if it was possible for 42minutes of televison to erase the pain of the week of Tuesdays. Actually, I was thinking that maybe the new episode of White Collar could do it, since Sara's back, and you gotta love a character that shares your name. But the 40's noir flashbacks, narrations and funny accents, coupled with my ability to work out what was about to happen (on average, just early enough to say out loud, to myself, "oh, oh...") made for an episode I was very nearly about to wake siblings up to watch at 2am.

And a quick catch up on the progress of the week of tuesdays: Dad made me help him rake up tree-bark and leaves and my throat's doing that horrible "pre-sick" thing, two days before I go on annual leave.


  1. I got a bit frustrated watching the season return of Castle.

    I wish I was you at the moment - a couple of weeks off sounds divine! (Hope your pre-sick feeling goes away !)

  2. Castle is one of my favorites ... might help erase the pain of a week of Mondays, so it might do it on the Tuesdays too. Hope you're not getting sick...