Saturday, February 25, 2012


I did so much sewing last week and now I'm nearing the end of this week (and therefore my holidays) I'm getting a bit disappointed about how much I didn't get done.

Still, today at least I didn't do too bad.

I made a skirt.

Which I will be re-making tomorrow in the same fabric in the grey colourway - it's a rayon that was on the clearance racks at spotlight for $3p/m and it's so soft and drapey and beautiful, and because it has no stretch it sews like a dream. 60cm cut of it's 144cm width, sew it into a circle, hem the bottom and put some wide elastic in the top, and it's done. I made a belt for it too, just grey homespun with a little cumberband buckle, but I've chopped it up ready to re-do it tomorrow with interfacing.

The reason for the clothes making is that it's one of my my sister's and one of my best friend's birthdays early next week, which means parties this weekend. Becky had family dinner tonight and is having a big piss up here tomorrow night, which I will be leaving after an hour or so to go to Anna's. Becky is getting a Spotlight voucher and instructions to buy herself at least 3 metres of quilt fabric, since after the bag I know she'll decide she doesn't really like whatever fabrics I pick for her. Anna is getting a potential quilt too, since apparently her Dad's buying her a swag, but since I don't know the actual size I just made her this.

I bought the fat quarter packs a while ago when they were on clearance for $6 each, so I've cut them to their biggest square (44cm) since squares are easy and used the strips from the edge to do this, since pillows really only come in one size*. And then I chopped the leftovers of that into 3cm on-point squares, and sewed her a card.

It's not much, but today I sewed everything I needed to sew, and went to the pub for a bit too.

*okay, yes, there are Euro pillows and bent pillows too, but regular pillows.

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