Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favourite things 4am Saturday

Men's vintage wrangler watches.
Cider. Pref Bullmers Pear, but Strongbow Sweet will do.
Wavy line quilting.
Road trips.
Writing stupid poems.
Over-ear headphones.
Varigated thread.
Miniature anything.
Orange mentos.
The way the washing machine makes quilts look about a million times better.
Tie Dye.
Maccas at 2am.
Knowing that something's a bad idea but doing it anyway.
White metal roads.
New moons.
DVD box sets.
Internet on my phone.
Wendy's Mint Madness ice cream.
Yarn dyed stripes.

Gender neutral prints.
CD burners.
Electric blankets.
Pretty buttons.
Ebook readers.
Bumchange tins.
Finding cider in the boot of the car.
Lying on the trampoline at night.
Staring into the abyss.
Saying goodnight to the abyss and going to bed.


  1. Well Missy - that's quite a list. Im a big fan of variegated thread myself but I dont use it all that often . (I find it temperamental often to work with )

    Im with you on the washing machine changing the look of quilts too...they do look better once they've been crinkle-fied.

  2. A very long list. Internet on my phone would be the top of this list,

  3. a very long list. and some very nice things.

  4. Lying on the trampoline at night sounds like a great idea to me.

  5. Wendy's Mint Madness ice cream?! See what I have to miss out on? Although it might be one of those things you know is a bad idea but do anyway... Great list!

  6. Ok I have to ask...bumchange tins??