Sunday, February 5, 2012


22 years ago, Bon Jovi sung that he "...don't know where I'm going, only god knows where I've been...."

These days, it's not just god, but anyone who can follow your places tagging on facebook.

As for me, it went: Work, Home, The G, The Commersh, The South Aussie, The G, Shads, The G, Shads, Maccas and Home.

Weird fact: when I'm drunk, I can't feel my nose.


  1. I dont do that on my Facebook . I dont want people knowing where I am . (although it might be pretty sad for people to see home,home,home on mine all the time )

  2. I haven't started doing that either. mine would be work, home, grocery store, home, repeat. not to mention, I don't think anyone would care.