Thursday, January 19, 2012


I think it's nice how the single most tiring thing you can do, more tiring than running a marathon or organising all the vidoe files on three harddrives, is changing a doona cover. Because once you're all done, yay! there's a bed to lie down on.

Not only did I cange my doona cover tonight, I also changed my doona. I had been sleeping underneath two coverlets bought from woolies inside the one quilt cover (and another 7 quilts on top of that, but they're not up for discussion right now) but when we went to the Aldi in Portland there was a quite nice looking doona there so I bought that. It's much lighter and loftier than the previous one (two? in one?) but I like a boofy quilt, so that's good. And all the ones I've made are on top of it giving it plenty of weight. Yay! (and sleep)

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  1. I hate changing my doona cover for exactly the reason you mentioned. I'm exhausted by the time I'm finished wrestling with a King size cover and quilt.

    I love eiderdowns. I think someone should start a movement to bring those back. I love the loft and fluffiness of them.

    Enjoy that new quilt.

    How can you sleep under that many quilts?