Thursday, January 5, 2012

This wont work.

This probably wont work, but I, Sara, am going to try getting into my bed right now in hopes of falling asleep at an hour (2am) which is, for me, very early.

I'm probably about to set myself up for 3 hours of lying here bored, but I ate some foods today that I haven't had in a while (sausage rolls, beef and mashies and hot cross buns*) so it seems to be the day for trying new stuff.

Wish me luck!

*they were available two days ago. In the next week, bags of the little easter eggs will arrive at our store and start going up on clip-strips at the ends of the aisles.


  1. I hope you did manage to get to sleep without laying there for three hours bored.

    As someone who deals with sleep issues this is what I would suggest to you to change your sleep pattern:

    1) Spend a week getting up at exactly the same time each day. (no matter what time you went to sleep )

    2) In week 2 bump your bedtime back an hour from when you usually hit bed.

    Then email me and I'll tell you what to do next....

  2. I should have wished you luck earlier, by now you're probably up and moving already. Hope you slept well.