Friday, January 27, 2012


So today was Australia day. Yay for a day off work and/or double time pay for all my fellow Aussies who didn't already have the day off anyway, and for everyone else, especially those of us who aren't really listeners of TripleJ, well, the sun was shining, so that was good.

Today I decided that I wasn't gunna push myself to sew, because my mojo's still up in Adelaide somewhere, I think, and I was hoping that maybe by not pushing it, I'd just somehow spontaneously feel like finishing off the sunset quilt.

It didn't work. I downloaded about 40GB of TV shows, sorted all my hardrives, installed every useful piece of software I could think of onto the new computer, went down the river, hung up some "slow down" signs cause it's boat like a dickhead season down there and I helped my Dad reinforce the jetty (which is falling apart because everyone's boating too fast and their wake is bashing our houseboat against the jetty.) Yay for power tools.

Speaking of Dad and the new computer, guess who's the most excited about it? Not the Mum whose birthday it's for, or the little sister who also gets listed as a recipient, but the completely computer illiterate dad, who is nagging every day for me to set it up in the longe already. He likes to have all the photos as a screensaver (basically making it into a 20" digital frame) and plans on "learning the internet" now that the screen's big enough for him to see it all on.

The other thing I did today: set it to create a restore point Every. Single. Day. Quilts are tougher to accidentally destroy, but they won't stream youtube videos for me.

And on a completely random note, I strongly advise NOT eating an entire bag of Columbines in an afternoon. My tummy hurts, but at least my bin is pretty, from all the wrappers.


  1. Maybe Shay stole your mojo .. at least you're doing something with your time and not just frittering it away with stupid games or TV shows... Happy Australia Day!

  2. I think you may have left your mojo here at my house. I’ve been a sewing demon this week. I’ll send it back to you when Im good and damn ready ...