Monday, January 9, 2012

Rainbow Pants Monsters.

I had a look through my scrap bag tonight because I figure I should start thinking about the next batch of monsters rather than cramming them into a frantic 3 days come early February. Also, I was at the salvos the other day and found some fantastic handmade (the sewer had problems with the tension on their overlocker. They're not the only ones) rainbow batik pants for $3, and I think they'll chop up into some really lovely monsters.

Back to my scraps, and I was pleasantly surprised. I'd had a rummage when I was doing the last lot of monsters, but there was still a fair bit of decent stuff in there. Lots of narrower bits too, I noticed, about 10cm wide, so I drew up some more skinny monsters to use that stuff up. And while I was drawing, I sketched out a couple of four legged shapes, because most of them are a wee bit humanoid. Mainly because it's the easiest to make, but I should stretch myself, and four legs is only a little bit harder than two, whereas four arms is a surprisingly large amount more work.

I think the thing I learned most doing the last batch (other than "don't decide 5 days before christmas to make a dozen monsters really really quickly for the facebook crowd") was that I really like long arms. There's going to be a lot of long armed monsters in the next few batches.


  1. Go the long armed monsters, we love your work.
    Those pants are perfect monster material, well done Salvo shopping. I had a return on 4 monsters as the ladies husband told her she couldnt have them, thats OK cause they were the really cute/ugly ones. You still havnt picked up your money Sara. Dont you love us any more?

  2. I think rummaging through scrap bins must be some sort of Blogland virus at the moment. Everyone seems to be doing it.

    Score on those pants. They'll make awesome monsters!