Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Other things...

There were quite a few things I was considering doing tonight:

I thought maybe I would go to the gym. 

Or finish the top of the sunset quilt.

Or watch The Guild DVDs that I bought myself for my birthday about a month ago from amazon.com that finally arrived today. 

I went and bought an ethernet cable so I could set up all the important stuff on the desktop (first post from it!)

I'm going to write myself a handy reference guide to all the quilts I've made and how many and much of what kinds of fabrics I need for next time I'm in a shop and don't know what I might want to make. I could have worked on that tonight.

I'm going to write a parody of LMFAO's Sexy and I know it. An Aussie/Country/Bogan version. I should have started weeks ago, had it done in time for Australia day on Thursday.

Instead I went to maccas with Meagan and Brenton and taked about random weird shit till after 2am.

BTW, this isn't a complaint, merely a statement of fact. I had fun.


  1. there are always lots of other things you could do ...