Monday, January 23, 2012

It's still mah birthday! (sorta)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was the kind of person who always, always had a spare ethernet cable on hand. But circumstances changed, I lost a boyfriend (how careless of me!) and gained a life and somewhere along the way, and far, far more carelessly, I also managed to misplace that special spare ethernet cable, along with it seems, all of the ones that I used to actually use. Fortunatelly, it's an annoyance as opposed to an actual problem.

See. today, for no immediatelly apparent reason, I bought another computer. A desktop this time, an ex-rental I got, complete with a monitor and a keyboard and mouse and slightly shoddy speakers, for $250. Officially it's a combined birthday present for Mum and Maddy (whose birthdays are next weeked and the one after respectively*) but really, I just wanted something I could shove some extra ram into and use as a workhorse whenever I needed some video footage ripped. IN the meantime, it's also a handy monitor for me to watch movies on (I set it up in my room while I get it all sorted) though like I said, the speakers are a bit shoddy; currently picking up quite a bit of interference.

Only problem currently is the lack of an internet connection, something that could be rectified in under a minute if only I could find a damn ethernet cable.

Anyways. It's well after midnight now so it's no longer officialy my birthday - a cousin suggested I should do birthday boxing day (though here in South Australia it would be birthday proclamation day) but I've just decided that it still gets to be my birthday till I go to bed. Which means of course, that it's time for the birthday wrap up post.

I started the day by going to visit the lovely Shay for birthday breakfast chats, finally meeting her husband (who I apologised to re. all that fabric) and her two dogs, who are roughly the size of small horses. There was a cat too, but she seemed less interested. I got a lovely sewn card and a spotlight voucher, which has of course already been used.

While I was aiming for a few more, I only managed 3 stores today - Munno Parra, Clovercrest and Gepps Cross. I of course also went to Allingtons too (tried on a couple of shirts, marveled at how cute I am with wavy hair, got into an argument with myself over whether or not it being my birthday was an excuse to be up myself and left) but didn't buy anything.

Quick store review: Munno Parra is the biggest store in SA. It's freaking huge. Their range of quilting fabric wasn't truly epic though - I was most impressed by their range of prima solids (our store has about quarter, I think they had them all) and the fact that, unlike the mount which has a 1m minimum, they let you buy however much of the clearance fabrics you want. So even though we've got all these fabrics down here, the chance to get just a bit of each was very good.

Clovercrest is Shay's local store, in she picked a damn good suburb to live in - this was by far the best of the three for quilting fabrics. Most importantly, they have lots of designer fabrics for $12.95p/m (minus 30% off plus 10% for my birthday), something we don't get any of out here. It seemed to be completely random - Last time I was there I got a heap of flourish, this time I resisted buying a heap of the pink colourway of  mingle, instead buying this lot, which should do an entire pavement quilt, front back and binding (hopefully)

Only bad thing about that store the lady who served me cut to exactly the centimetre (which pretty much guarantees that at least one of them will have less than I asked for) and she was a bit rude.

Gepps Cross is where I was set to work if I had moved to Adeliade. I'm glad I didn't: their range is a bit dissapointing. Two of the fabrics in the above bundle came from this store, and I also bought 4m of a green stripe flannelette that should make some nice gender-neutral backings.

These came from a mix of the stores, and are really just stash, cause I thought they were pretty/funky/cute/useful/it's my birthday stop juding me.

I was on my way down to a 4th store when I cam across the Radio Rentals that has the big clearance bit downstairs, and the advert in the paper yesterday had some really nice laptops listed, but they were pretty much all gone because it started yesterday morning. But mum had been talking yesterday while I was installing her new printer (what I was going to get her for her birthday, before she went and bought her own) about how she was just going to throw out our old desktop, since we haven't turned it on in about 3 months. And fair enough, it's a) ancient and b) shit, but I think that, much like a landline even though we all have mobile phones, a house needs a desktop even though it's got some laptops. And it's running great, I've test run some video files, and typed all this up in notepad... but since I can't find an ethernet cable, it's not online.

Yay for USB sticks is all I can say.

As for presents, I spent the voucher Shay gave me (thankyou!) and the money from Helena and Mum and Casey and Nanna Joy, and then tonight when I was nearly home I stopped in to see Anna who couldn't come this weekend becasue she's got the flu and she gave me this.

And then when I got home I got a message that said "Oh, and look inside the box" so I did.

I love columbines! Unfortunatelly, so do my sisters and my mum. Fortunately, there's about 5+ bags of them in there.

*Yes, we do all our birthdays about a week after one another. That's enough time to recover between them, but gets them all out of the way nice and quick.

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  1. It's still your birthday here! So continue to enjoy .. looks like you got tons of loot! Happy Birthday to you! Some wonderful fabrics!