Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lovin' it.

I've just realised it's been a few weeks since I did a random good stuff post. So here's one.

I love columbines. I love how long they take. As a scoffer of chocolate/lollies, I like that you have to take your time, lest you be left unable to open your mouth. I also prefer the ones in blue foil, for all that I know that there's no difference between them and the ones in pink.

I love demazin. I love how it makes me be not snotty, and how it comes with a measuring cup, and has a delicious vanilla peach flavour.

I love those little hair ties that are essentially a tiny, smooth elastic band. I never used to, when I had lots of hair, but now that I only have a little bit I'm going through them at a fierce rate. I need to get some more tomorrow.

I love all the public holidays there've been lately. $45 an hour, get in my wallet. Actually, that's not right, since I keep my money in my phone case.

I love my phone case. It's purple, and orange inside, and full of phone, and also money (see above).

I love the hot weather we've had lately. A lot of people have been poo-poo-ing it, but I think it's great. Except for how the roads are melting. That kinda sucks.

I love whitebait. You scoop them up, you chop their heads off and you fry them and eat them. They are tiny, fishy deliciousness.

I love that my youtube addiction has finally come in handy, entertaining me for the last 3 hours as I've copied some TV for a work friend.

I love that the first harddrive has finished copying and now I can set the second one to start (cause that one will probably take about 5 hours) and go to sleep.

I love sleep.


  1. I guess it's because Favorite Things Friday has been on vacation -- thanks for the positive post, not focused just on New Year's.

  2. I love sleep too but never seem to get enough of it. Im passing on the whitebait, my brain turns off as soon as you start talking technology and seriously I have not gone outside for days because it's 41 fricking degrees here ....