Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's random good stuff Saturday!

Okay, so that title isn't as catchy as it's real name, but oh well! Yay for stuff! Yay for the word Yay! Yay for the excalamation mark!

Yay for calling the computer mouse a remote. I haven't had a mouse in a very long time, and It's a habit I've aquired out of nowhere and I can't shake. Ironically, my old laptop DID have a remote, and I never used it.

Yay for the moments when the math comes out right. I spent about 4 days on my latest maths, just going over it again and again, forwards and backwards, in both measurement systems, because I was convinced it had a fundamental flaw somewhere, but I've cut my pieces and they're all fitting back together again.

Yay for $5 shirts from cotton-on. Boo for pretty much everything else from cotton-on, because it's really not my kind of fashion.

Yay for hot pink denim shorts from the kids section at Target for $8.

Yay for pronouncing Target Tarjay because it makes you sound posh.

Yay for Chocolate Almond clusters, made at home by me, so that they have more almond than chocolate.

Yay for the kind of lazy-consumer world we live in, where I can buy blanched almonds instead of having to boil them and naked-ify them myself.

Yay for coloured pencils. Any yay for back to school specials time, when coloured pencils are cheap.

Yay for the fact that it's my birthday on Sunday.

Yay for the fact that tomorrow (well, today, after I've done sleeping) I am going all the way to Adelaide for the sole purpose of getting chinese food. For my birthday. I'm also available for cathing up, fabric shopping, and randomly recieving presents. And I kinda want to go to Allington's too, cause pawing over boots makes me happy even when I don't buy them.

Yay for the fact that my new laptop lights up like a christmas house when I press the capslock button. I used to never notice on my old one, and I'd have to re-type stuff all the time cause I'd pressed it accidentally.

Yay for Daemon Tools, a handy bit of software that lets you trick your laptop into thinking it's got a DVD even when it doesn't.

Yay for having the next lot of little bits all lined up ready to chain piece.

Yay for having a new cutting mat. Yay for Columbines and fairy bread and lettuce. Yay for little plaits in my hair. Yay for checkered shirts with the sleves rolled up. Yay for magnets and glitter and varigated thread. Yay for extention cables. Yay for graph paper and bubble wrap and gaffer tape. Yay for spare phone batteries and roadtrip CDs that stay playing in your car for the next month.

Yay for being happy, knowing it, and then clapping your hands.


  1. Im a big fan of exclamation marks!

    I hear you about Cotton On .I never buy anything from there !(and there’s another exclamation mark !)

    There’s nothing more thrilling than a new pack of coloured pencils with sharp points.

    Before I was known as QIMP my blog was actually called Fairy Bread.

    Have an absolutely fabulous birthday Sara . Chinese food sounds like a great plan. (It’s my MIL’s birthday Sunday too and we’re going out for lunch but it wont be Chinese because she likes plain food ) I am flat out like a lizard drinking this weekend but you’re welcome to come over for breakfast Sunday for a catch up if you’re free. Random presents may be involved.

  2. Yay! (FYI, Bill Gates doesn't think "yay" is a word.) Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the random good stuff!