Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm sorry, tummy.

Turns out that if you eat 2 kilos of strawberries in as many days you end up with a belly that could be confused for one containing a 4 month old foetus, as well as the related tendencies to lean back slightly into your weight, say "oof" a lot and rub the underside of your belly. I was told today by a co-worker that were it not for the fact that I hadn't shut up about strawberries all day, she'd think I was pregnant.

I'd love to see that in the maternity ward. The doctor'd be all like "congratulations... it's a... strawberry!" and we'd all make excited noises and start whipping ourselves up some cream.

Anyway, tonight I finished downloading the entire series of Scrubs so I've been watching that and since it was too hard to concentrate on actual sewing and new TV, I decided to make a start on the next batch of monsters.

Only five cut out, but an achievement is an achievement, and anyway, I could only find crappy scissors.


  1. I seriously laughed out loud at the thought of you giving birth to a strawberry and then the resultant whipping of cream. I thought it was only mice that ate their young....

  2. I was trying to come up with something witty, but I think Shay got it. Nice monsters. Enjoy Scrubs. One of my favorite "medical" shows.