Friday, January 6, 2012

Go figures.

So, was last night an abject failure? Did I lie awake half the night, tossing and turning and worrying about all the stuff I could be doing?

Well, if it had been a two hour night, then yes, but since a standard night is apparently 8 hours, then well, it's not so much half the night as is was about 12.5%. On the other hand, though I was asleep by about 3am, I still slept in till 1pm. Go figure.

Anyway, tonight I'm going to bed early not as some kind of crazed experiment, but because I'm too lazy to actually do anything productive. Also, it's my one day off this week tomorrow, and I feel like actually doing something with it. Not sure what yet, but something.

I'll probably wait till after the end of next week before I have a proper go at changing my sleeping patterns... the schedule of a BnS Ball is pretty much the complete opposite of the early nights favoured by farming types, and much more in line with my current timing. Go figure that too.

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  1. sleeping at night and being up during the day is overrated. Your schedule works for you.