Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So today, finally, a few days late I know, I came up with all that new years stuff. Last year, I went with keeping my phone charged and checking my junk mail folder. The first one saw slight improvements for a while, followed by massive ones upon the purchase of a fully bitchin' new phone, which I subsequently had to use as a computer when my laptop failed, causing the previously-going-well resolution number two to fall in a hole and die.

This year I am going with watching all of Buffy at the gym - with still about 130 episodes to go that means about 3 times a week. I'd also like to end the year with less WIP/UFOs than I started with, though I still need to do a count. I'm not saying I need to finish everything I start, and I've given myself a get-out clause in that I'm allowed to say to myself "no, I will never finish it, I therefore let it go" and either turf it or pass it on to someone who might*.

I'd like to go on more adventures. I had some good ones last year; Balls, shoots, the trip to Adelaide on my own, as well as the one with Meagan, Anna and Brenton. I'd like to go on more spontaneous ones, and especially more on my own. Just to take a day and go somewhere, pointlessly, see something and come home.

I'd like to eat with a bit more variety - I'm one of those people that eats about a dozen things. Chips, nuggets, chicken and lettuce rolls, cheese, plain beef or fish, spaghetti, donuts, lamingtons, strawberries and vegemite on toast. That's only eleven. Icecream. And that's pretty much what I've been eating lately. I need to eat more sausage rolls, or rice, or bowls of cereal, or roast spuds. My diet's pretty boring, which I think is why I fall back on chocolate and cheese so much, and I know it's mainly laziness that stops me from going to the extra effort of getting other foods, so I really should start getting over this.

I'd like a pet of my own. Since that cats left, Graham is still ignoring me, Logan (budgie) is still pooping on me and Nimrod (guinea pig) is still hiding from everyone and everything. I don't want a boyfriend but I still want cuddles.

I'd like a slightly more regular schedule, but not too far backward. 10am seemed like a good get-up time, I'd like to try to get back to that. Not tomorrow though. It's already after 3.

*I was considering that as a whole resolution in itself - to give up on things instead of deluding myself that I'll do it one day, leaving me burdened by yet another unfinished guilt trip of wasted time, effort and money.


  1. Funny, you want to eat more. I want to eat less. :). I think going on adventures by yourself if a great plan.

  2. I'm not big on eating a lot of things either. Maybe I should lash out this year and try a Big Mac!

    I also promised myself I can bin shit I hate this year without finishing it if I feel like it . I already feel more liberated.