Friday, January 6, 2012

Faking it.

I consider one of my best and most important talents to be my ability to fake it. Being able to blend into just about any situation is probably one of the best talents you can have short if having an actual superpower. With a weeks notice and about fifty bucks I can get myself prepped to sidle my way into just about anywhere. I can have the outfit, the attitude and enough knowledge to politely follow the conversation and make the occasional witty interjection. It's not entirely difficult; with wikipedia and ebay it's even easier than ever.

Getting into the country crowd is surprisingly easy with regards to the attitude and the knowledge, but quite expensive when it comes to the look. You know those cowboy hats you can get at cheap as chips or wherever? They don't fall for them. If you can't afford an actual akubra,  you'll be best to look for an old hat advertising a tractor dealership. And any old boots wont work, you need ariats at the least. These are people who probably own 5 shirts. But they've probably cost them $100 a pop. It's a hard group to fake your way into on a budget, and probably not worth bothering if it's only for a weekend.

But if your bestie is already in, and is about the same size, and is offering you a full and perfect outfit for the weekend, wouldn't you take it? The chance to slip seamlessly in without any hassles; I'd jump at the chance. But Anna is obviously a bit weird, cause she WANTS to look out of place next weekend. And while I get wanting to be individual and true to yourself, I thought the whole point of her coming was to get away from her life and into mine for a bit.

Maybe I'm being all judgmental, but I think she'll have a lot better time if she's not spending half the weekend convincing people to listen to her even though she's a city princess.

Tonight I'm at the Tirrendarra Rodeo, a curious blend of country folks who've travelled a long way to come see it (we drove about an hour) and all the locals who came cause it was on. And even though we're in the middle of nowhere, the locals are the ones who I think look yuppie, in their skinny jeans and flats.

People are interesting.


  1. People are interesting Sara but I still dont think I like them

  2. Waving at Take The Cake.

    I don,t think I could ever pull off country . Im too city by a long shot. Even when I lived in the Mount I was a suits and heels gal.

  3. Shay are you waving Hello or trying to impress me with your outfit. Your not people Shay because I dont know you, you could be an imaginary blog person and we all just believe that your that funny and that nice.

  4. I don't think I could fake country .. I'm thinking Texas country here. Don't know if that's like Australian country. Hey, I don't even have a pair of boots.