Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doing it backwards.

Today I came up with a fantastic method of turning 110 cm wide fabric into a 120 cm wide quilt back, plus a spare 20 cm so you can do it as a fold-over-binding, AND it's all on point so you won't get big bulges in your fold-over-binding.

Unfortunately, I don't have a 120 cm top that I can quilt in one direction and do a fold-over-binding on. But I've done some maths for one.


  1. Do tell .. please, since I don't really understand what you're saying, pictures would be nice too!

  2. You said maths ...my head hurts...

    Yep-Im with Thea. I want to know how you can magically stretch fabric like that !

    I'm sending you the socks from my sock monkey debacle because your aunt said she can magically transform them into sock monkeys for me. Can you let her know since I dont have her email...I bet she ends up hating my guts.