Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm so tired I may have passed, about 45 minutes ago, into that land where you're basically drunk, only it's better, because there's noone around to tell things to, no drinks to spill, and it's cheaper, and you wont feel as terrible in the morning, and you're not feeling like throwing up (unless you've only eaten cheese for the last 8 hours) and you actually achieved quite a lot.

It's so much better in fact that one could consider making it their favourite thing for friday, except that, well, it's not actually a nice feeling at all.

Instead, my actual favourite thing is going to be those pencil cases made out of zips. Now for the record, I think they're a stupid idea. They were cute and twee when it was only crafters making them, and yes, the one that zippers around and around forever was a very cool variation on it when it first came out, but now that you can get terribly made ones at all the cheap shops they, for the most part, really annoy me. But... on the other hand, as someone who uses a lot of zips, they're handy. While honestly I'd much rather just be able to buy a metre of bright orange size 7 zipper, I understand that it's a niche market, and am therefore kinda glad to see a frankly silly looking phone pouch made out of exactly that for $3 at Neds. Sure it means a 5 minute job with the quickunpick, but the people in the sweatshops have kindly set their machines to the longest stitch length, so it's not like it's hard work. And while Lincraft have size 3 pulls you can buy, they don't have size 7, so a pencil case for $4 which gets me 12 zipper pulls is not too bad a price. I don't have a use for the 12 brightly coloured 15cm lengths of zipper they came off of yet, but I'm working on that bit.

Other good stuff:

Furnishings fabric. We forget about it with all the pretty quilting fabrics at our disposal, but they have some really nice yarn-dyed stuff.

Electric blanket. It doesn't matter that it's summer. I'm using it.

Computer mouse. As a dedicated laptop user, and also a touchscreen aficionado, I've never really used them. But mum's laptop, with it's oddly clingy touchpad and screen that just sits there no matter how much you prod it really benefits from the presence of the little red mouse.

Multitasking. Tonight I worked for about 10 hours on 8 projects, flitting from one to another when I got bored. None of them got finished, but I made a lot of progress on most of them.

Pin magnets. Actually, any magnets, since all you need to do to make a magnet a pin magnet is throw a pin at it - a handy fact if you're lazy like me.

Shopping for clothes in the kids section. Trackies for $8, thanks. Undies for $2, ta muchly. 

Totally being a trendsetter in the adults section. Remember these?
 I went into cotton-on today and found these:
Theirs have a blue ribbon and slightly smaller check, oh, and they cost twenty bucks! I paid $4 for a metre of the fabric and made 2 pairs, bringing me to my final fave,

Bargains. This might be 30 years old, but for 99c it's got some damn good stuff in in.
Though to be honest, that tennis outfit isn't one of them...


  1. Now that is a bunch of cool faves!

  2. How cool to have such great favorites!

  3. That Kwik Sew book is a blast from the past!

  4. I love your lists of favourites .There's always something so interesting in each list.

    You're a total trendsetter. Can you sue Cotton On for royalties?