Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's much harder to choose a fabric for someone else than it is to choose one for yourself. And it's much more difficult again to choose a single fabric. A quilt, where it's a whole big cohesive thing, that's practically easy compared to picking a single fabric to make a bag for someone.

Two someones actually: I'm planning on making a bag each for Casey and Becky for Christmas. Casey thinks that maybe she wants a red, blue and white check that I've already used to make an identical bag for Meagan, and even though it would look a bit different if I put it on point, it's not that different. And I don't really like re-making things. And all the other yarn dyed* checks at Spotlight are horrible crappy loose weaves that look scratchy and horrible. Except gingham, and that looks a little bit too cliched.

Becky's even harder to pick for, mainly since I don't really get on with her that well, and therefore have no idea what she likes - as far as I'm aware, it's the colour orange, taking my things without asking and making a mess in the bathroom. And I've failed (unsurprisingly) to find a fabric that encapsulates these things.

I'm gunna have to pick something fairly soon though - I have 3 days off this weekend and then just next friday off to get everything done.

I think I'm still a bit thrown about it being less than a fortnight away cause we still haven't been out to get a tree yet. Yes, that's right, I'm the only person in the blogosphere still without a Christmas tree. 

There has to be someone who's last, right?

*Unless it's printed on point, in which case it's okay, a printed check just doesn't look as good as a woven check. I can't explain why, but it looks more "right" - actually I can explain why. It's because it is right.


  1. Take heart Sara. People who don't celebrate Christmas dont have trees yet either.

    I find picking fabrics for other people really hard too. I just bought fabric for pyjamas for my SIL who is not at all girly and went with reds and blacks.

    Im sure they'll appreciate whatever you make.

    I just realised I only have four days between now and Christmas that I'm not working to get everything done too...I feel sick.

  2. The one I got for my office died and I had to replace it .. that's even worse than not having one. I mean, I bought a BAD tree. :(

    If it'll make you feel any better. I haven't gotten one present yet for anyone. Not any of my five kids, two grandkids, hubby, dad, or co-workers. I don't get paid for two more days and if there's not enough money for the mortgage they will be no Christmas .. Probably doesn't make you feel better. just makes me feel worse.

    If you were making a bag for me, I wouldn't care what it was like .. so go with that. If they don't appreciate what you make, find someone who does.