Friday, December 2, 2011

The Sound of White...

I've been starting to think lately that I should be buying white quilting cotton by the bolt - first there was the pinwheels, then the pavement quilts, and then today I realised that you can sash a disappearing nine patch so it looks like one of those stained glass quilts, except white. And I had a bundle of fabrics that I've had for longer than I've been quilting, but they're all fat quarters which does limit your options a bit - I'd considered seeing if I could shoehorn them into a pavement quilt but I just didn't think it would look right with the two big squares being different prints. Still, disappearing nine patch quilt, that can be done with fat quarters. 

Most of the fabrics in question came form a Fabric Traditions bundle I got at Spotlight a couple of years back. In case you didn't know, Fabric Traditions is a company that ONLY does pre-cuts. You can't get yardage. Which is a shame, since the brown fabric in this quilt is probably my favourite print EVER. There was no yellow in the bundle, but that was okay because the one from Eden by Lila Tueller fits in very nicely, and they stock it at Stitch and Knit, so I went to get some. While I was there I decided that the blue I had was too wishy-washy so I swapped it out for some from the Spirit range, another Lila Tueller one. I bought some pink repro on-point-check to trade in for the pink that was in the bundle, but when I went to Spotlight I changed my mind AGAIN and got some of the pink and orange on point check from the new DS range instead. And I swapped one of the greens for the blue and green check from the previous DS range.

Even though NOvemeber didn't really stop me buying anything, it would appear that I needed to get over it by having a December 1st blow out. Still, they came together very nicely, as shown in this unfinished progress piccie.

It needs the sashing between the blocks themselves done. But it's later than I though - My watch needs a new battery and it turns out it's not still only 1.30 and I'm not making the amazing time I thought I was.

Oh, and if you don't know the song in the title, it's by Missy Higgins. Get amongst it.

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