Saturday, December 10, 2011

A slight delay

It's a "hungover on Saturday" edition of favourite things Friday, cause yesterday was all a bit busy, what with the getting all my hair chopped off, the assembling of garden furniture, and the drinking. Still, I've had a shower and I'm feeling a bit better now. Well, sorta. Perhaps the point of the post is going to be that even when you're feeling shit, there's still good stuff about.

First up is my bed. It's not a particularly fancy bed - I think my parents paid about $200 for it second hand. It's got heaps of stuff on it, since it does take up most of my room, and about 8 quilts, since you've got to use them for something, but more importantly than all that is that it's mine. I don't have to share it with anyone, and when I get too hot on one side, I can move to the other side. Or, more likely, rotate at a 90 degree angle so I'm parallel with the cushions.

A cool breeze through an open window.

A glass of water with ice in it.

Silly string. I bought 4 cans yesterday and put them in Secret Santa, then told Anna what one to go for. Then we attacked people.

Skinny jeans. When other outfit-related decisions fail, go with skinny jeans.

Power tools. Wielding a cordless drill just makes me happy.

600th post. Wowee.

Scratching the dandruff out of your eyebrows and pretending it's a white christmas.
Warm fluffy towels. Pink ones.

Buying some really gorgeous 5 inch heels and not wearing them. If you wear them, you hate them, but while they're just sitting on your shelf, being pretty, they're quite enjoyable.
KFC potato and gravy. I still know of no better hangover food.


  1. I had a lot more hair hacked off yesterday. I officially have a bob now. I wanna see pictures of your haircut!

    Ice water is good for hangovers ...

  2. Silly string for secret santa is a great idea! Congrats on 600!! nice bunch of favorites!