Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nothing, oh, sweet nothing...

I have two whole days off, and nothing very much to do.


Well, I need to find something to wear for new years, for which I am working till 10.30pm, rushing to a co-worker's house for the event and heading home not too long after since I have to be at work at lunchtime (an early start for me even on a non-hungover day) the next day. Oh, and apparently it's going to be about 35 degrees, so no jeans and boots for me. Anna and I are going shopping tomorrow so I'll have to find something. I have plenty of clothes, but it's shoes that are the problem - I really struggle with sandals and thongs and heels. Boots I'm good at, sneakers I'm okay at, work shoes I bought the same pair 4 times to save the horror of having to find a new comfy pair for at least a year or two, and anything strappy just doesn't work on my feet.

Maybe that's why I like BnS balls so much - cause no matter what else you're wearing, you then get to chuck your nice comfy boots on at the bottom of it. I wish every outfit could be that easy.


  1. maybe start a new fashion trend ???

  2. Bugger fashion and go with comfort!
    Perhaps the rainbow dress and bare feet?