Monday, December 26, 2011

Most Sparklyest, Rainbowest Present Ever!

If I'm honest, I'm glad it's over. I'm not a huge lover of Christmas, since it always feels like it will be a huge hassle, and, yeah, usually it is. There's lots of driving about, often with people in your car you would never otherwise have, the awkwardness of having to say hi to relatives you loathe for a variety of reasons and the always fun job of pretending to ignore the fact that two of your sisters are hating on each other, and that your dad is slightly too drunk on account of how he hates Christmas too, and probably for the exact same reasons. Except the driving, cause that's not allowed after a whole bottle of Wild Turkey.

This Christmas though, contained a ray of light not seen every December 25th. And while I loathe surprises and being out of the loop, this was my present from Helen and Casey this year.

I found it on ebay a few weeks ago and put out an open invitation on facebook for anyone to buy it for me, but it was near enough $100 so I doubted anyone would. It ended and was re-listed at 20% off and I seriously considered buying it but by then, someone already had. I took it as a sign, since really, I don't live the kind of life that caters to a wardrobe of rainbow sequined dresses, but today I opened up a little box and saw some sequins through the tissue paper and almost peed my pants.

If it hadn't fit, I probably would have locked myself in a bedroom and bawled for a bit. 

Apparently though, pretty much everyone except me knew I was getting it. I messaged Anna as soon as I got it since we'd cooed over it together and she already knew, as did Mum and Nanny. As someone who doesn't really "do" secrets, the fact that everyone around me does is somewhat disconcerting. Thankfully they've (so far) only used their powers for good instead of evil.

So thankyou to Helen and Casey. I must come up with a suitable occasion to wear it. And some new boots to wear with it.

I'll post a link to them on facebook when I do. My birthday is only 4 weeks away now...


  1. I can totally see you wearing that dress. You're going to have to host a party with a sparkly theme as a reason to show it off.

    I think you modelling it with jeans just makes the dress even more special.

  2. Isn't that wonderful when family surprises you with something you really wanted?!

  3. I err'd when I was about to hit the buy it now key on eBay but I hit it anyway, when I saw the dress in real life I knew it was the right thing to do, Not only was it the perfect rainbow ending for a rainbow kinda girl, it fit her like a glove I guess it was made for her.
    Merry rainbow christmas Sara.