Monday, December 12, 2011


Tonight, after visiting Helen to pick up my still sadly a bit poorly* laptop and going to Carols by Candlelight and spending 2 hours at the gym cause Anna was waaaay later than she said she was gunna be, I got all the red and white fabrics, took them to the kitchen, laid them out on the bench and stared at them for a bit.

Then I got out some paper, drew a little diagram and wrote some notes to myself, along the lines of "flowers can only go between two lights" and "stripes can only go between two darks" and "stars have to abut - shame"

And now, 30 minutes later, I've decided to wait till later, chop them up and just do it by eye. There's still 13 whole** days before Christmas. I will be fine.

*by that I mean that although it's useable for now I will still need to replace it ASAP, making me merely poor.
**by that I mean 12 whole days and 22 hours and 20 minutes till midnight Christmas eve. In case you were wondering


  1. Sorry about the laptop - maybe Santa will bring you a new one? Who is the red & white quilt going to be for that you need to get it done before Christmas?

  2. Will you be holding a memorial service for the laptop?

    I just finished a baby quilt using random squares(and I didn't do any planning when I put it together - I just picked up a square and sewed )