Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the red

So tonight I started work at six, but I had to be in town before the post office closed at five. That was okay, cause I needed to go to Cheap as Chips to get an audio cable, but it's right next door to the post office, so that took me all of 5 minutes.

"Hmm," I thought to myself, "I'm running low on bright white prima, and I don't want my mojo to come back and for me to feel like finishing the sashing on this new quilt only for me to not have enough of the right white. I'd better get some more, and maybe something cheap for a lining for Casey's bag, and perhaps some more of the rainbow seersucker that makes me so very happy every time I look at it all made up into my gym bag."

So I did. And even though I wasn't particularly impressed by the new catalogue when it came out yesterday, I also still accidentally came out with these.

Helen's been telling me for a while that I should make a red and white quilt, and there's quite a lot of christmas fabrics this year that aren't christmassy at all. Of this pile, only the gingham at the bottom (for the backing) and the one third from the top aren't christmas fabrics, meaning they were the only ones that weren't half price. I got fat quarters, for the most part, and a metre of the one second from the bottom because they didn't have any fat quarters left and it was the minimum cut. Oh well, I suppose I have to bind it with something. 

I'm gunna do it as big pinwheels, about 41cm (3 each way) and it will be my first go at trying to use value to make the design visible. If it doesn't work, random HSTs are nice too, and it should be very very quick - once the pairs are sewn it's basically just really big (20+cm) squares.

All nine front fabrics are made by Sugar and Spice Textiles, and I don't know if they're a Spotlight exclusive fabric, but they feel very different to all the other quilting fabrics. Not bad different -  though I can find the texture change a little off-putting when I'm playing with them in amoungst a bundle of other fabrics, but almost brushed, vaguely even like a chamois cloth. I'm very glad they had that some other red fabrics than just the christmas one, since nine's my lazy number and I could only find eight on the half price table that didn't have Santas or trees or candy canes on them, because it means they'll be nice and consistent in texture right across. 

It's the little things...


  1. I've been singularly unimpressed by Spotlight's Christmas fabrics this year.

    I've also found those Sugar and Spice textile ranges vary wildly in the feel of them. I got a load of spots and dots earlier in the year and they feel really nice.

    I keep thinking about a red and white quilt .Maybe next year I'll do one !

  2. me too on the red and white, or green and white, or black and white. I already did my blue and white, but I can always go back for seconds.