Thursday, December 22, 2011

I think I'm doing it wrong....

I'm not particularly good at this "Christmas decorating" thing.

Though some of those little arms do look kinda like stockings.

All this batch of monsters are fully faced now and all their little arms have been sewn, but not stuffed, cause I didn't get out of bed early enough to make it to Spotlight and Casey got there at 5.25 and didn't think to name-drop her way in. Silly Girl. Stuffing is another of those things I have *somewhere*

I'm feeling extremely grateful that I have the day after tomorrow off, since I still have a lotta lotta stuff to do. My goal is to get these guys sewn and stuffed tomorrow night/friday morning and drop them into Helen, and hopefully she'll be nice enough to sew them closed for me, since I hate that job.


  1. So you've got Saturday off? Clever girl! Can you imagine the chaos that the shops are going to be by about 3 pm!

    Im sure Helen will take pity on you.

  2. I had some stuffing here you could of had and I will gladly operate on your monsters to finish of their surgeries, well not gladly it will probably mean I wont go to bed at all, It seems custom made bibs are all the rage now oh and Esther also got a new red dress with big white flowers, she looks adorable but her mummy will have to stop making the same dress in every colour.

  3. Hope you get all you want/need to get done, done.