Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here we go again...

Because I am a sucker.

I couldn't even find my old patterns, let along the half dozen half-faced monsters I know are somewhere. Lucky I posted all the patterns on here a while ago - look under the tutorial label if you're wanting it.

Spotlight didn't have any opaque white fabric paint, so I've had to sew on a layer of felt with a layer of white quilting cotton fused over the top - that's the only combo that properly covers the prints underneath, and doesn't pill like the felt does on it's own. Fortunately, without actually practicing or doing it all that often, I suddenly got quite good at raw edge machine applique. Yay me.

But my vision's starting to go blurry from staring intently at a turning circle of white and my bobbin ran out. And if an empty bobbin isn't a sign to stop for the night, I don't know what is. Maybe the fact that it's a quarter to five. That works too.


  1. I love your monsters. I really need to make some .. or if you want to send me one ..

  2. Your bobbin and the sewing gods were sending a clear message....

    The monsters look amazing Sara!

  3. Jeepers Sara if you get those done there will be some happy ladies. Might put the price up though dont you think?