Sunday, December 4, 2011

And relax...

Some days you achieve a lot, some days you don't. Sometimes this lack of achievement makes you cross, other days you're like, meh, whatever.

Today was the latter on both accounts. Well, work was a madhouse, what with the EFTPOS machines of half the country (apparently) being down and all the transactions taking twice as long and all the staff having nervous breakdowns and all the customers swearing at me, and maybe that's why I didn't do anything today. Because Casey told me that it had happened, so I bummed about in the afternoon knowing that later in the evening was going to be shit, then after it was over I was just worn out and couldn't be arsed.

Either way, today I sewed about 6 inches - I'm taking up a dress for a friend and wanted to make sure my machine could get a nice edge on the chiffon before I got a bit scissor-happy. I think it's going to be fine, but it's not needed till next Saturday, so I'm in no rush.


  1. Sorry that work sucked, but at least you were prepared and made it through. Chiffon .. hmmm... sounds like a challenge.

  2. Some days life means all your sewing mojo gets sucked right out of you. I have days like that and it's usually due to work related bullshit too!

    Sounds like down time was exactly what you needed after that kind of a day!

    I have never tried sewing with chiffon and probably never will!