Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two days.

So last night, before my laptop decided that It really really didn't like it's graphics driver, I told myself that under no circumstances was I to do any dressmaking. Dressmaking is slow and messy and gets in the way of stuff I should be doing, like finishing stuff off for the market on sunday.

So I made a little box out of some yellow ribbon.

I put my pins in it. Then later I took them out and put them on their magnet, because that's where they live. But it seemed easier at the time to make a little ribbon box than get up and take the two steps over to where my pin magnet was on the floor. Tonight, it's full of little black beads.

And last night I also made a quilt top. When it was done I spent about 15 minutes staring at it lying on the floor and realising I'd done it all wrong and considering unpicking it, but then I couldn't be bothered. It's still nice the way it is. I just need to find something for the back. I'm gunna quilt it lots, just wavy lines. I think it wants to be crinkly.

I got a half dozen of the bags about 95% done last night too - I just needed to zigzag over the edge seams tonight. And even though I kinda want to, I didn't make a start on another skirt pattern tonight.

I just spent 45 minutes sorting through 10cm squares instead. I made 10 cute little bundles that I might piece into pillow covers. If I don't get distracted by something else in the meantime.


  1. That quilt is really cute, if you didn't say you had done it wrong no one would know (and I can't figure out what you did wrong)...and the bicycles are super adorable.

  2. I cant see what you did "wrong" either. Very pretty. How can you knock up a quilt in a day- I never can. I think 3 days is my record.

    What else did you make for the market? Has it really been a year since you did the last one?

  3. I can't see what you did wrong either. Two days?