Sunday, November 20, 2011


There is a very definite feeling of "I got out of bed for this?"

We have been here for over two hours now, and it's been fairly quiet the whole time. The last time we did this market there was a huge rush at 9 when it opened and then it was fairly quiet, but it's a bit nippy today and the blue lake fun run was on (though what's fun about running I'll never know) at the same time as the market was starting so I guess that kept people away.

I think my favourite thing so far has been impressing the lady in the next stall with my embarrassingly encyclopedic fabric identifying abilities and photos of my stash.

I wonder if I will sell anything at all.Good thing I have my phone to keep me occupied in the meantime.


  1. I hope it's improved and you were able to sell some things.

  2. Oh it was a dismal waste of time, Im sorry Sara that you had to get out of bed so early but even I was impressed that a nocturnal beast like you can still function enough to sound off all those fabric names. Then again I shouldnt be surprised at all should I because it is how your mind works isnt it.

  3. did it all end up??? Don't keep us in suspense!