Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking the good with the mediocre.

It's a sad, sad fact of like that no matter how long you sit staring at the fabrics laid out on the floor, sometimes, they just don't magically arrange themselves into a quilt for you. I don't know why, they look so nice all in their little pile. But you lay them all out, and you draw little diagrams and calculate some little numbers, and yeah, nothing.

Nah well, there's still stuff out there that makes me smile. Like our tower of toilet paper that we've got going on at the moment. And the fact that we match the colour of our bin liners to the colour of our bin.

And when I went to maccas tonight, they gave me my drink in a clear cup. And though I can't explain why, it made me happy. Even though it was way less practical than a regular paper cup one, cause it was kinda squishy and the condensation was really bad.


  1. I never take my fabric out of the massive pile until I have a's way too frustrating otherwise! It'll come to you - just go work on something else!

  2. I take my fabric out and look at it and hope something comes to me and then when it doesn't, I put the fabric back in the drawer. Love the toilet paper stack .. my devil cat would love it too.