Saturday, November 12, 2011


Toss up between Favourite Things Fridaying and a regular post... Hell, why not do both?

So, Friday. I love Fridays. Even though I work 50% of weekends, I never work Fridays. Fridays are great.

The post office is pretty awesome too. Today they gave me a big envelope with some John Deere fabrics in it, which I have mixed emotions about, because I was raised in a Deutz and New Holland dealership, and John Deere are kinda like the enemy, but hey, no Agtron fabrics and a pregnant farm girl bestie who wants quilts for her unborn mean I gotta get what I can. And the man at the post office let those of us who were only picking up a package sneak to the front of the line, which was damn near out the door. So I thank him for that.

I love DVD commentaries. I found my Buffy DVDs  last night and I've been a little bit commentary mad today... I've watched about nine of them.

I love going to a shop and finding something you weren't expecting but had been unconsciously hanging out for. For those who, like me, have been waiting almost a decade to get toward the end of Isobelle Carmody's Obernewtyn Chronicles, book 6 is out.

I love the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Just because.

I like plopping a quilt over my head and being a blanket monster. Even when I'm the only one still awake in the house, it makes me happy.

I like having lots and lots of scissors. I buy mine for $1.50 from cheap as chips so that I can lose them as often as I want.

I like the song "Are You Ready" by Fatty Gets a Stylist. If you're an Australian resident, you might know it from the Prime/Seven adverts. And it's actually sung by Kate Miller-Heidke, who also sings the brilliant Last Day on Earth, even though those two songs are pretty much as far apart on the spectrum as you can get.

My other favourite song this week is "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5. Only because the letter o is probably the prettiest letter (I also like circles), and they manage to fit ten of them into the word "moves".

I like shorts. See Sunday nights post for why. I've half made 3 more pairs since then, including a stripey pair and a batik pair.

I like fish. I've liked fish all week - I had to have tuna earlier in the week because Dad hadn't been fishing, and then I got some flake from the fish and chip shop, but it was terrible. Dad finally bought some home this morning so I had it for lunch, and it was excellent. Fish tastes best when it was still swimming yesterday.

I like achieving something, even if it's only a little thing. The bits of ribbon I pinned to some bag pieces last night are now handles. Yay!

I like spontaneously making an unnecessary quilt. I was in Spotlight today, the clearance fabrics were $4 a metre, there were some niceish green and red ones, and I needed to make something to have a go at quilting with wool batting again with.

My camera is refusing to take an accurate photo, probably because it's nearly 4am and it also thinks it's a phone, even though it almost never makes calls.

So it's one of the laziest and simplest designs I've ever done (my quiltmath: (21+3)÷3=8) but it only took me a couple of hours. It's about 98x115cm, and really, I think that wool batting isn't something that's going on this list.

What is on the like list though, it the obelus. it's been around since 1659. you might know it as the division symbol that I used just there in my quilt maths. It's plural is obeli. I like interesting pluralisations. I also like putting in a s where an American (such as my spell checker) would put a z.

I like mentos. Preferably the orange ones. I like crystal beads. I like glitter. I like fluro colours. I like 10c petrol vouchers. I like the mini pavlova cases you can get from Woolies and scoff till you're sick. I like men's watches. I like having spare batteries for my phone. I like the headphones that sit over your ears instead of inside them. I like good nail files, and having one there when you need it. I like magnets. I like my electric blanket.

I like typing. Well, not really, but I like saying stuff. I like saying I like stuff. Cause I do. It may not be big, epic stuff, but I like little stuff.

And if anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas, type miniature into eBay. I like miniature small stuff even more than metaphorical small stuff.


  1. Im heading off to Spotlight this morning so I'll be keeping a eye out for crazy fabric bargains to enhance my stash ...

    Another lovely random list . I love your posts when they have lots of little details . That moves like Jagger song has been stuck in my head for weeks !

  2. I like your list of likes. I especially like your title "stuff". That used to be the title of every e-mail I would send (particularly to my boss). It covers just about everything.

    I like your unnecessary quilt. I've never made a quilt that fast.

  3. There's so much miniature, I wouldn't know where to begin ... and my captcha was foopoota. hmmmm.

  4. Fun post! I'm a JD fan myself, but I pretty much have to be, having grown up in a JD manufacturing town and my dad having worked for JD his whole life.

    Your quilt is very cool! I am off to listen to the music you mentioned.

  5. Love your lovely list of likes. You sound like you had such fun thinking of all of them.
    I;ve had Moves Like jagger in my head for weeks.
    You are a quilting goddess, I'm completely in awe of the speed of your sewing.

  6. Great list. I think I will go and check out miniature on Etsy too...I need some Christmas ideas as so far I have only come up with a chainsaw LOL