Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still haven't found what I'm looking for...

So I spent about an hour tonight ferreting through tubs in the shed. And because what I was actually looking for were my Buffy DVDs, what I found was quite a lot of the elastic I was looking for 3 days ago before I went and bought more, a big roll of size 3 zipper and a little container full of pulls, a very nice mechanical pencil, and a fabric which I think should make an quite nice back for the salmon coloured pavement quilt. Although this fabric is almost more of a peach* colour.

I confess, I still don't actually know what I'm gunna do with the back. I still haven't decided how I'm gunna quilt it - the lines are too far apart to quilt on the seams, but the design seems too clean to do it any other way. I've seen quite a few quilts just quilted in a big ol' spiral from the centre lately and I think I like the idea, but the wool batting is something I haven't used in a really long time, and when I did use it, it was with my machine out in the lounge where I had lots and lotst of space, and I could neatly roll the edges up and continue sewing my nice, straight, in-the ditch quilting lines. On the other hand, lots of dense quilting should give it more drape which is good, because the wool is stiffer than the cotton.

Honestly, the actual quilting bit of quilting makes me hate quilting.

*This backing fabric is one I bought the bolt of for $2 a metre from spotlight a couple of years ago; the selvedge says "Watercolour memories by fabri-quilt" and I have some in a blue-green colourway as well. The fabrics in the top are Fandango by Kate Spain (the big block and the floral tile), Boutique by Chez-Moi (the long blocks), something from the current range at spotlight (the little flowers), and two similar but different wavy stripes that, alas, didn't have any readable selvedge. Oh, and Prima Natural, which I've always liked better than White.

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  1. I dont use stark white in many of my quilts either Sara- I like a slightly off white better too.

    You have a real knack for putting fabrics together. I am always second guessing myself.

    I was only discussing my non love of the quilting part of quilting two days ago with another quilter who feels the same way. Maybe nobody really enjoys that part of the process?