Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tonight, at work and then when I got home after going to the gym, I got my quiltmath sorted.

On a little bit of paper with a four-colour-pen, as the gods of quiltmath intended. I had it pretty much sorted at work tonight, but I wasn't totally confident about my ability to get 109cm of usable fabric from a 110cm wide solid fabric, so I scaled down my little blocks by 1cm (and everything else accordingly) when I got home tonight.

I added one more print to the bundle and a heap of white so it's nearly good to go (well, if I can find my cutting mat)

And then I got distracted by the leftover fabrics from the Soiree bundle I used to make the quilt up there in my header* which I think would also look very nice in this design, if, admittedly, a bit white.

And today was the first day I said no to something for NOvember - I went to the salvos and came across a terribly cute pair of salmon pink skinny jeans. They were only $6, but I said no. NOvember is as much about not accumulating more crap as it is about saving money - a point proven by the fact that I spent twice that on fast food today. That will only hang around for a day or so, till all the nutrients (ha!) are sucked out and it's ready to pass. Salmon pink jeans would have sat unworn in my cupboard for years till I sent them back to the salvos.

Maybe next month I should do Daring December - a month of being brave enough to wear all the clothes that I think are too cool for me to actually wear.

*full disclosure - still only a quilt top.


  1. I love that top bundle of fabric Sara . Gorgeous.

    Congratulations on resisting those salmon skinny jeans. I've made November wearing shit I would not normally wear month . Two dresses this week. A couple of people at work have fainted from shock.

  2. Nice fabrics. Can't wait to see the quilt come together. Congratulations on saying NO. That's a hard one. I wonder if I can apply it at work...