Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pavement Maths

Well, after dying occasionally for the last few weeks, I think my laptop is doing it for good tonight, which means I'll be taking it for a visit to it's Uncle Steven tomorrow. My money's on it either being the wiring in the swivel or the graphics card. But I've never been that good with hardware, so I'll leve it for the expert to pull it apart and have a look.

In the meantime I have stolen mum's netbook. My fingernails are too long for the little keys, and I keep making typos.

Because I didn't want to deal with the trauma I finished off the green pavement quilt.

This one, like the pink one, is about 140cm square. It's couch blanket sized, a size I really like. It's quick, and it fits easily under my machine.

But having had a request for a slightly larger one, tonight I did some maths. Imperial maths too, and math that comes with pre-cut options. I'm not going to give assembly instructions for this quilt, just shopping and cutting instructions.

First up, you'll need two large print fabrics, at a useable 20.5" - this means about 55cm. One of these, cut into two 20.5" squares, the other, cut across two rectangles 20.5x9.5, and then cut in the other direction two rectangles the same size. This way your prints will all face the same direction.

Next up you'll need 5 fabrics measuring a useable 9.5" - about 25cm. From each of these cut four 9.5" squares, and cut any leftover fabric (from your large prints too) into 2.5" squares for your corner stones. Alternatively, two charm packs sewn into four-patch blocks should give you about the same thing (you'll need 20 squares) and you can use any leftover charm squares cut into quarters for your corner stones.

Finally, for the boring old sashing, you'll need twelve strips 2.5" wide - either use a jelly roll or cut up about 80cm of fabric. You'll get four pieces of sashing 9.5" long from each strip, for a total of 48 bits. 

You'll need 23 corner stones: if you haven't got enough from your leftovers (it depends on if your fabric is a useable 44" wide - I find a lot aren't) then you might need to ferret about in your scrap box - it's a good chance to get rid of some really little bits.

Use the picture above for an idea on the layout of your 9.5" squares or put them wherever you find aesthetically pleasing. My only rule with the corner stones was to not have any of the same fabrics touching, other than that I went with what I thought looked nice.

This should end up about 65" square - if you want a bit bigger then add sashing or just a border to the outside.

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  1. You are an absolute gem.Thank you for doing all the maths for me!

    This is on my January list of quilts to make. I love this layout!