Friday, November 25, 2011

My Christmas list.

I think it's about time I put my Christmas list out there. People have been asking, after all.

First up is some stuff on ebay. I hesitate to post links to items, since the links die after a couple of weeks, but it's still the best way.

I would like a big cutting mat, but since I quilt in metric, there's not that many choices. Matilda's Own have a cutting mat that's 1.3m long, but since my ruler is only 60cm, it seems unnecessary. I think this one is the best blend of nice and big but not so big it wont fit on my bench.

In the last year I've bought myself some very nice men's Wrangler watches. Of the ones online at the moment, I'm thinking of this one. Actually, just the white one, but the blue one comes with it.

For some reason (probably too much re-watching of Buffy) I've decided that what I really really need to make my life complete is a pair of leather pants*. Maybe these ones. Or these ones. I may buy these for myself. Probably the first pair.

I always need USB sticks, because I am incapable of hanging on to them. They are like pens, except they cost $15 each. And I'd like a micro SD card with at least 16G, but I'd rather a 32.

If anyone's in Spotlight, I use Schmetz quilting needles and the Birch extra long/extra sharp dressmaking pins.

If anyone thinks it's cliched getting me something off a list, then anything shiny or sparkly or rainbow is bound to make me happy. Glitter, sequins, mirror balls, holographic book coverings. I'm easily pleased. I also like modelling clay, and anything miniature.

And as for big picture, can't be bought in shops goodness, I'd like the google reader app for android to let me post comments, my leg hair to stop growing, a better understanding of the contextual applications of it's versus its, a lovely nice warm summer, a cure for cancer and world peace.

But I'd settle for a jar of chocolate coated peanuts. They're yum.

*How the hell did she afford her wardrobe? I spent hours searching through thousands of pairs that were in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. AND ebay didn't even exist for the first few seasons.


  1. A very nice list, with things for everyone's budget!

  2. I have read your list, Im checking it twice, now to see if you have been naughty or nice.

  3. Helen,I'm voting for equal parts of naughty and nice so maybe she should only get half of what's on that list!