Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Pavement Quilt

The great thing about doing the pavement quilt a second time is that now I have one that I can use as a map to put my pieces on.

Only the bottom half is actually sewn, indeed, I haven't even put the sashing bits into the top half - it just looks like they're there becasue of the sashing bits in the pink quilt underneath.

I would have gotten more done had my brain not decided to spend the night being a complete and utter moron:

Point 1), 5 times 5 is 25, so I only needed to cut 4 small squares from each fabric. I forgot this, and had a minor freak out when I had 5 squares left over.

Point 2) 5 times 6 is 30, and I need 48 pieces of sashing, but I was quite certain that 6 strips sould be enough. I seem to recall I made this mistake last time. The number of times that 5 goes into 48 must be my kryptonite.

Point 3) you know how sometimes you'll put two bits together and take them to sew them but sew the wrong side, then you have to unpick it and sew the right side? I did this, then realised after I'd sewn 3 more bits to it that actually, I had done it right to begin with.

On the upside, it was very easy to put the half sewn quilt away - I just rolled it up inside the pink one.


  1. How big is your quilt Sara ...I have a hankering to make one since it's so pretty. I'm becoming much more partial to greens lately . (It's taken me years to like them in a quilt )

    Despite the maths stuff ups (most unlike you!) this quilt looks fabulous. Im sure it'll be finished by the end of the week knowing your ability to knock stuff up far faster than I can !

  2. I love the quilt; love the pattern. It's really really nice. I hate when I sew pieces together the wrong way, rip it out and then resew it exactly the same wrong way.

    Looking really good.