Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I slept till 5 today. It was really really nice. And then I had to work, and it was nice how all of my colleagues came and told me how terrible I looked. And I'm not saying that in a sarcastic way - it just means that if I'm still feeling crappy tomorrow, when I call in sick everybody will be like "Oh, I'm not surprised, she was looking horrible last night" and I can spend the day in bed feeling miserable and reading a book.


  1. Aren't colleagues helpful? Hope you get some rest and are feeling better tomorrow.

  2. I love it when work people tell me I look like shit (like somehow I wasnt already aware of that ?)

    Hope you are feeling better but if you're not it sounds like you have a sound plan -staying in bed reading is a good thing to do (the feeling miserable part is kind of sucky though )