Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drawing a blank.

So ebay have returned a list of your purchased items to the main myebay page. That's good. While I like having the increased-to 3 years of purchase history in the sidebar, I like having the last month or so's worth there on the main page to remind me of the things that haven't arrived yet. There are actually ones I'd forgotten about. Maybe the post office is holding out on me?

For those of you who don't use ebay, myebay is the page that has your watch list and your saved searches and info on what you're bidding on and, although it disappeared for a month or so there, a list of what you have recently bought. Very very handy when you buy so much you can't remember all of it.

That's all got to stop now, cause it's NOvember now, and also I have no money left after tje weekend. And it's the first Tuesday in November*, AKA, Melbourne cup day.

Something's been bugging me. See, I remember this song about the Melbourne cup from when I was little. But noone at work had heard of it, and neither it seems, has the internet.

Oh the Melbourne Cup,
Brings Australia to a stop,
From Darwin down to Hobart, 
From Perth up to Ayers Rock,
The nation's in a fever, 
You're bound to be caught up,
First Tuesday in November,
They run the Melbourne Cup.

I'll have to ask Mum and Dad tomorrow. It's not the one by Slim Dusty and it's not the one by Mike Brady. And if I google those lyrics, I get... this blog. Cause I posted it last year on the first Tuesday in November. And I didn't know any info on it then, either. Bummer.

*Well, an hour into it. Thus why I don't yet know who will win.


  1. I really don't get why the nations stops for this horse race. Victoria is good at marketing I guess.Maybe I'm just not into gambling?

    Maybe I should do NOvember with you (but Spotlight has 40% off all quilting fabric this week !)

  2. I'd like to join you for NOvember, but then I don't have any money to spend which makes it much easier. Maybe I'll win the lottery and then it'll be really hard to not spend...

    I like a good horse race. We have the triple crown here which is fun to watch -- but even more so when the same horse wins all three. hasn't happened in over 25 years. but I'm rambling.