Thursday, November 24, 2011


People forget the importance of cushions in the construction of a good blanket fort. I assume it's because it isn't in the name.

I have some lovely cushions. If anyone would like a similar one for christmas, I'm about to start posting out presents, so message me your addresses. You might get cushions, or monsters, or a bag, or a stubby holder, or something else entirely, but all the stuff I've made over the last year is starting to accumulate, so I'm gunna send it off around the world.


  1. Lovely cushions Sara. I've been the beneficiary of your largesse this year on two fronts - fabric and the albino crab so I'll let other people have a turn !

  2. Willing to take them to playgroup Market on the 5th, actually you should also give me a few quilts, will talk to you about it when I get back from Melb