Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today Spotlight was having a 30% off day and I forgot it was NOvember.

Black, grey, white and yellow fabrics to make another pavement quilt.

I had been looking at these the other day but I could only find one of the bike prints, and I wanted both.

It's an odd fabric though, a dark unseeded cotton that I found pretty much impossible to match. I bought some of the unseeded prima solid for binding it but it's not close enough to be a border like I put in the pink pavement quilt, so I'm just gunna do squares. The fabric is pretty enough that I can get away with not actually designing for it.

That, and 5 metres of batting (they finally got cozy cotton in... just in time too cause wool's been shitting me) kinda blew NOvember out of the water.



  1. Sometimes bargains just have to be snapped up regardless of NOvember. I avoided Spotlight since I already bought up n the weekend.Then I came home and bought online instead. *gah!

    I keep looking at those greys /lemons too!

  2. You shouldn't pass up a bargain even if it is NOvember and for such pretty fabric you just had to.

  3. Wow Sara, lucky for amnesia, if you didnt have it you wouldnt have been able to buy those lovely fabrics. Yay for amnesia, cant wait to see those pushbikes in something cute
    Good old Amnesia serves me well!

  4. Those bikes were too cute to pass up, you would've regretted not buying them far more than you're regretting buying them...that makes sense right?