Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yay, random...

Can I do my new phone as my favourite thing two weeks in a row? Probably not. Also, it's taking its sweet arse time sending these photos to itself, and that's annoying.

So, random stuff it is.

I'm quite liking this new Charlie's Angels, even if other peeps are dissing it. The three girls look like they are having fun, and I tend to be an immediate fan of anything where the actors appear to be enjoying themselves. Also, it airs in the US on a Thursday, which is great for me, because I don't work Fridays and it gives me something to watch in the afternoon.

I'm enjoying re-watching Angel from the start with Casey. It's a big undertaking, about 75 hours all up. I'd kinda forgotten about the earlier episodes, tending to just re-watch the latter ones. But it's cool, like being 17 again. Only with the spoiler alerts embedded in my brain.

I really like geocaching. If the weather clears for an hour or so tomorrow I'm gunna take Maddy to find one. Again, any of you with Android, go get the app, and while away an afternoon.

I like making up stuff. Having a good solid think about it and then just hoping that my thinking won't let me down. Sometimes it does, but today (well, last night was when I did the thinking and most of the measuring) it all came together okay. Except I made a little booboo and the time it took to unpick it meant I missed getting to the post office by 5 minutes. Now I'll have to wait till Monday to find out what I get when I hand over my two blue cards.

I figure I can show these, since it's an unplanned, receiver-informed auxiliary present. And my phone has finally sent them through.

Perfect present to bring to a horror party. The zipper should square out once it's got a tablet in it, assuming of course that the tablet fits. I've no idea, since I guessed what tablet it actually was (well, Toshiba appear to have only released one, so I should be okay) and downloaded the specs from the internet.

This is kindof like trick photography - that's my 7" CE tablet in there. It's almost the right width, but you can't push it in further than the zips go down the side.
I don't really like using other people's plans, except as inspiration. This, technically, is a box pouch. Except, well, not really any more. So for that matter are my gym bags, the morning after the night before/geocaching bag (it got reappropriated) and Kelsey's backpack. Go look at it, it's a very versatile design. I like it.

I like going in to work and telling everyone how much I miss them. Cause I'm a massive loser like that.

I like mentally dissing people's cars. I don't do it to their face, obviously, but some people, I think about the cars they have and I just can't help thinking up insults. Sometimes I'm not a nice person. And am I a worse person for enjoying not being a nice person, or a better person for admitting it and being true to myself?

I like the idea of headbands, even though they give me a nasty headache when I do actually wear them.

I like tissues. Can you imagine how nasty it would have been before tissues. All that fabric, covered in snot. Terrible.

I like vliesofix. The 30cm wide stuff is on clearance at spotlight for $2 a metre, so I got 15. It's useful stuff.

I like buying pink trackies ($8 at Dimmeys) just to make a friend jealous. I'll probably only ever wear them once, just to annoy her. I like a dark bottom to an ensemble.

I like 3.30am.


  1. I like the headstone bag - very nice!

    I think you're a better person for admitting it and being true to yourself - I actually struggled with that very same question myself :-)

    I also love the look of headbands, and how well they keep my hair off my face. But I really hate the headaches they give, and how stupid my hair looks if I take it off after wearing it most of the day. :-(

    ~ Meagan

  2. I like headbands too but they hurt my head way too much .. and tissues are pretty good. Don't know what vliesofix is but I googled it and think when I try applique I should get some ..

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but you wont be picking up those parcels Monday either. PO is closed!

    You're a better person for admitting it. Face it - we're all bitchy sometimes. One of my favourite phrases is "get you two dollar car out of my way". Not that my car is anything spesh either!

    The thought of hankies make me cringe....blerk.

  4. Love the RIP bag, so cool. Yes definitely better for admitting your faults as we all have them. Headbands rock for my hair but I prefer cloth ones you don't get the headache and as for tissues...I do use cloth ones when I have my hayfever because my nose is always itchy and I sneeze a lot and tissues make my nose so sore :-(