Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warning: Intense bum discussions ahead.

And my grand total of today's achievements:

4 wheat bags. There would have been 6 but I had to chop two little ones up for their wheat to make the beige square one. It's organic wheat too.

The idea was actually so I'd have something to keep my sore bumbone warm while I'm sewing. I bought the only wheat that Woolies had (macro organic raw buckwheat) though the internet told me when I got home that I could have just nicked Mum's rice, but sometimes the internet can't be trusted. The stripey one uses two of the little bits cut out of the sides of the fabric for the bags, and I just zigzagged the outside because it's still two interfaced layers thick. And yes, I test microwaved before starting. But it gave me hot buttcheeks instead of a comforting warmth in my achey crack so I decided to do an even narrower one. It's good, should you be looking for something to soothe your fierce bumbone ache, but it gets cold quickly.

Still, I was sitting neatly on it, feeling good, so I decided the thing to do was chop up one of the five pairs of white RM Williams jeans I've bought on ebay over the last 3 weeks (in search of some nice leather tags to put on bags like Meagan's) These wheatbags started at 15cm wide, cause that's how wide my ruler is and I was feeling too lazy to work out anything bigger, and they feel like, well, a comfy old pair of jeans.

I think I may use the other leg to make some lovely stubby holders, since I'll spend most of my time stroking these instead of using them.


  1. Here's hoping your bumbone stays nice and warm now! ☺ Great use of materials. Happy Monday night!

  2. Your a nut bag Sara
    I use pearl barley in my bag, from the Woolies soup aisle.

  3. Yes! I love the wheat bag! I going to make one too! loveit!