Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I need to stop doing if I ever want to get sewing done #128

Watching stuff on youtube in the toilet.

Things I need to stop doing if I ever want to get sewing done #129

Playing Bejewelled on my phone. In the toilet.

Things I need to stop doing if I ever want to get sewing done #130

Playing tunes by tapping different spots on my belly*.

So, um, as you may or may not have realised, I didn't really get any sewing done tonight. Thankfully though, what with my internet dying last night and all, I've sorta got a leftover post I can give y'all.

Have you ever wondered how to make my sisters happy? And simulataneously hate one another? It's simple. Go on ebay and search for some Alexander Henry fabric called "Wranglers"

And then buy two yards, which, due to an unexpectedly large scaling, means you're gunna be using it for one quilt back instead of for 8 cushions. That photo by the way is very nearly the folded width of the fabric. And I just don't think shirtless cowboys are quite as appealing when they're all chopped up.

For my shirted cowboy fix, the new RB Sellars catalogue arrived in the mail today. I don't know where they get such good looking guys, because google maps doesn't know either, but I would like to go there. In the meantime I will have to settle for getting myself some of these, and thanking the gods that my tush fits into kids clothes, because they're always waaaay waaaay cuter.

The great thing about fabric though, is that it's one size fits all, and also 7 yards fits into a flat rate envelope, so along with Casey's dream fabric (Becky has decided she is a quilter now too, so she has to source her own fabric. As a real quilter, real quilters rules apply, ie. I can attack her with a flamethrower if she tries to get near my stash) this pile of deliciousness has been added to my groaning shelves.

One yard cuts that I only bought because I had an envelope to fill. Don't judge, I know you all do it too.

*Yeah, I was in the toilet when I was doing this too. What of it?


  1. I think I may even be better at procrastinating than you are .. I haven't sewn or anything for ages now. I need to stop playing on the internet and watching TV if I want to ever sew again.

  2. Becky quilting will not last but you know your stash probably isnt safe anymore, I would be getting locks fitted to the bedroom door and then traps fitted to fabric shelving, at least if it snaps her fingers off she cant quilt anymore, all is fair in quilting isnt it?