Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stubby Holders

Today I happened to empty the tub that had some insulbright in it. So I stopped emptying tubs and started making stubby holders instead.

I cut the edges really really wide when I was doing the offset quilt especially so I could make a stubby holder.

The ones on the left match my handbag. The one on the right... Can you think of a better fabric to make a stubby holder out of?
It still kinda blows my mind that people overseas don't have stubby holders. They must just have cold hands and warm drinks. Poor buggers - I'm gunna write up a tutorial for them. It's ridiculously easy.

After I got bored with making stubby holders I started on a quilt. It's just big squares of pretty fabrics but I had a fabric selection breakdown halfway through cutting. I'm okay with it now, and it's all neatly laid out in pairs ready to sew tomorrow.


  1. I would absolutely LOVE for you to write us a tutorial for the 'stubby holders'. :D

  2. I know we use those in America!

  3. Hope you're enjoying your holidays. It looks like plenty is going on.

    Love those selvage stubby holders. Cute as!

  4. Those look great! I would also LOVE a tutorial on how to make them :-) I know people who use the foam type & I think they may enjoy trading them in for some home-made versions.

    ~ Meagan